Men’s discipleship groups meet on Sunday or Wednesday nights.




Here at Oswego Assembly of God we believe that God has called all men to a purpose for their life. To achieve those purposes God has placed in each and every  man these 5 Passions of Authentic Manhood.


A FivestarMan is adventurous. Seeking new challenges with passion and determination, encouraging others to join in.


A FivestarMan is entrepreneurial. Passionate in the discovery of new ideas that provide new sources of income, embracing and building on the entrepreneurial spirit.


A FivestarMan is gallant. Courageous in battle, fighting passionately to defend the weak and less fortunate. He is gallant in his respect of women and heroic in his defense of children.


A FivestarMan is faithful. Unwavering in the truths he holds dear, a FivestarMan understands that true freedom comes when he is submitted to Godly authority.


A FivestarMan is philanthropic. Legendary in his desire to live beyond his own interests, ever ready to champion a worthy cause, and willing to respond with resources and action.

*We strive to help each man reach his potential and his purpose. When a man knows his purpose he will castoff all restraints that hold him back.

*When a man gets bored abuse is inevitable and he will fight for the wrong things.